Sleepless night

It seems Mr. Sandman hasn’t or won’t pay his visit to me tonight. I’m actually quite ok with that…i had a bit of a nap earlier lol.

Also gives me time to admire my two queens in their most peaceful of states.

Both snuggled up on me in their own way. Yes I’m warm but i do not mind having their warm brown skin flush with mine.

It’s moments like these that make me thankful & appreciate life. Make me realize how glad I am to love these 2 amazing women, and reminds me of their love for me…


Watching My Queens Sleep

In the early morning hours I lie in bed awake while you two sleep. Between even breaths and heartbeats I feel at peace…. loved. Thankful for the day that’s done, a day that may have had laughter or tears, happiness or sadness, joy or pain…. Regardless it was a day spent with the both of you.

Between even breaths and heartbeats I’m thankful for the day that is dawning… Full of possibilities and new beginnings. Like the day that’s dawning our relationship is just beginning. Full of promise of a life filled with love.

Our journey will not be easy. There will be trials and tribulations. There will be pain and there will be tears… But the journey is worth it and there is no one else in the world with whom I’d rather take this trip.

Sleep well my queens for a new day is dawning for us. No matter what happens knew that I love you and am here for you both. I pray that today and everyday I can make you both happy…. That I can give you two the feeling of love I feel lying in bed while you sleep between even breaths and heartbeats.


My Awkward Butterfly

I write this to you my awkward butterfly.
Though everyone sees you in your cocoon.
I see your colorful spirit and bright eyes.
I look at you in amazement most of the time.
Because everyone does not get to your shine.
My quiet little wall flower.
I wish the world could see you blossom
This amazing soul in front of me.
Quite often won’t let me be.
As you literally steal my breathe away from me.
I write this to say I love you my queen my soul my rib
my awkward little butterfly I Love you

- JoJo